Bible Quotes in Portuguese
The Proverbs

I wish these Bible Quotes in Portuguese may bring you golden memories...

As they do so for me! :)

Having being raised in a Christian home, seeing my father reading his Bible was something common for me. I grew up listening to amazing stories of corageous people who stood up for their faith.

As time went by, I started my own collection of favorite verses.

If you live in a Christian country too, you've probably have a similar experience, and have your favorite quotes as well.

One of these days, a friend of mine asked me if I knew how he could get a Bible in English.

That reminded me that I followed the same process, 15 years ago, to learn this beautiful language. So, why not provide a way for those Who want to pursue the same dream – speak another language – this time in Portuguese?

So, here you can read and listen to some Proverbs of Solomon.

Feel free to tell me your favorite verses from the Bible, and I’ll record them for FREE and make it available here for a worldwide community of Portuguese learners.

I hope you may reflect upon the words you'll read/hear/watch, and that they may keep changing us thoughout our lives.

Today is the day. Your opportunity is here.

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Bible Quotations - The Proverbs

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