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Book a Hotel in BrazilWelcome to Brazil Hotels. :o)

This is a short story on how I booked a hotel in Brazil
and got valuable friends at the same time…

While I was working in a multi-cultural project in a Nuclear Power Plant in Brazil, our director – who is American – wanted to visit the Iguassu Falls with his family.

He asked my help, but we were both in doubt whether
we should book a hotel on the Brazilian or Argentinean side of the frontier.

After a short search at Google, I called Fábio Wandscheer – the owner of Iguassu Hotels, who gave me plenty of details over the phone about the Iguassu Falls and the hotels in the neighborhood. Thought it
was our first contact, he treated me as if we had been long-time friends!

So, I decided to learn more about the company where this kind of people work, and met another Brazilian – André Franchini – who is in charge of local connections in Brazil and South America. The experience was the same. He was as helpful as André had been, and even invited me to join their Affiliate Program.

As I still wanted a third testimony, I called Luiz Renato – the ‘carioca’ responsible for Rio de Janeiro Hotels.

He answered me with the same level of attention, sharing his ideas on what would be nice for me to do with their Web sites, and gave me a wonderful piece of advice on running a business!

Well, after meeting such high level of professionals, I feel like extending this same opportunity to you. Visit our main page on Brazil Hotels and meet other Brazilians who know their stuff and care about people. You will be as glad as our manager and his family when they got the information they were looking for!

I love meeting people. I love introducing good people to good people. Maybe that’s why I’ve got so involved in teaching Portuguese. After all…

Learning any language – and traveling – is all about connecting people, isn’t it? ;o)

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