In Brazil Soccer is a Must
Brazilians Take It to the Extreme!

Brazil Soccer Is Almost a Religion... or Even More?

Brazilians Are Crazy for Soccer from the Cradle...

Just a few days before the most expected sportive event of all times, the World Cup, the soccer fans all over the world turn their sight to the same country: Germany.

As it couldn’t be any other way, the largest TV channel from Latin America dedicated a full program to our number-one-passion: the soccer game.

I must confess that I had other plans for the evening, but as soon as I got home, just passing by the living room (where the TV was on), I couldn’t take my eyes off it!

Tell me if you wouldn’t...

Brazil Soccer Book - Chapter 1: Soccer on the Sea

Crossing the Atlantic Ocean, in a Brazilian ship that is usually offshore for 4 months, the workers improvised a mini-court. In that sacred territory, the ball must roll... and reign.

While the 16,000 ton of petroleum wait downstairs, the officials and sailors forget their hard work, and play every day, while the ship slides over the sea...

Due to the lack of space, there is no goalkeeper, but three players on each team do their best to score a goal. A 'mini-goal' - one would say.

After the game is over, they still work as a team, by sharing the same dream: see the Brazilian team bringing the world cup home...

Brazil Soccer Book - Chapter 2: Soccer Under the Candlelight

Is there anything more romantic than a dinner under the moonlight?

I am not sure, but in Dourados City, once a week one can see the most romantic (or strange) soccer tradition that I’ve ever known!

When all the artificial lights of a public soccer court broke down, the weekly players had to make a decision. Do you think these creative guys gave up? No way!

As good Brazilians, and according to the best ‘the show must go on’ spirit, they improvised the illumination with some 120 candles (that’s it, candles), with which they set the court’s limit.

The warm up takes a long time, but no one complains. As soon as the ball starts rolling, their happiness is simply contagious! A real ‘soccer show’ under the moonlight... who’d say?

Some people call them ‘crazy’, but they just don’t care about it. And by their tradition, the last one to kick turns off the light...

Brazil Soccer Book - Chapter 3:
Soccer for Three Generations... in the Same Field!

In Rio (I am here:) some soccer fans have reasons to celebrate: the third-generation of players keeps the tradition by playing it once a week, proving that friendship, barbecue, and happiness can get along with soccer!

Every Sunday morning - be it sunny or a rainy day – in the same field, the same happiness is present for the last 50 years. "With the same players?", someone may ask. You’d be too creative to believe me, wouldn’t you?

Parents become grandpas. Children become parents. But each new generation has the same reason to celebrate life. After all, we are Brazilians, and when the matter is soccer, we just love it!

Now you know why I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen...

PS.: This article was written some days before the World Cup 2006, but I thought it shows how much Brazilians love soccer. Me too!

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