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Book a Hotel in BrazilWelcome to Brazil Travel Guide. :o)

As this Web site is about connecting good people,
here you will find Brazilians who believe that "travel
can enrich the lives of travellers and communities
visited in countless ways".

I believe you will be as well assisted when you
contact them as I was when I worked in the Steam Generators Replacement Project (in Angra) and
booked a hotel for our director.

Each destination booking site listed below is owned
and operated by locals. You deal directly with local people in the destination you are travelling to and...

You will meet them personally when you get there!

Have a nice trip!

Belo Horizonte
Chapada Diamantina
Chapada dos Veadeiros
Fernando de Noronha
Foz do Iguassu
Guaraqueçaba & Superagu
Ilha Grande
Morretes & Antonina
Morro de São Paulo
Paranaguá & Ilha do Mel
Rio de Janeiro
São Luiz do Maranhão
> a city of amazing grace and beauty
> a landscape provoking existential wonder
> a special destination for ecotourists
> a breathtaking journey
> included as a UNESCO World Heritage Site
> a beautiful ecological sanctuary
> modernism and rustic charms
> one of the Natural Wonders of the World
> one of the world's five most significant ecosystems
> a place of exuberant nature
> beaches, surfing, and adventure
> a prominent place for ecotourism
> a journey through time
> Bahia's most fun party town
> unforgettable experiences and raw charm
> warm and friendly people
> impressive architecture
> 1100 reasons to fall in love

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