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Welcome to Brazil Trivia Questions - The (wannabe:-) most complete guide for Brazil fans!

"Why is it trivia?

People call it trivia
because they know
nothing and they are
embarrassed about it."

- Robbie Coltrane



Explore our several trivia subjects related to Brazil - and take your time to create some on your own!

We’ve just started the series with Brazilian Singers Trivia. I hope you enjoy it, and get inspired to prepare your own Trivia to be published on our Website.

When we have enough quizzes, I’m going to collect all of them in an e-book and give back to all who participated.

  1. Pick up any subject of your interest – related to Brazil ;O)
  2. Study them by clicking on the links below, and
  3. Send us your 10 questions - with 3 answers for each.

You may even send us your picture and – if you have a Web site – we will link your trivia to it!

Here is our board of suggestions - but feel free to explore any subject you are interested in and...

Let your creative juices flow! :o)

Brazilian Academy
of Letters

Brazilian Animals

Brazilian Barbecue

Brazilian Carnival

Brazilian Championship

Brazilian Culture

Brazilian Cup

Brazilian Flag Anthem

Brazilian Football

Football Clubs

Football Songs

Olympic Committee

Brazilian People

Brazilian Portuguese

Brazilian Presidents

Brazilian States

Brazilian Volleyball

Famous Brazilians

Regions of Brazil

Tourism in Brazil

The 10 first people who send their trivia will receive a copy of Learn Portuguese at Home . The first one will ALSO receive Sara Bents Songbook in PDF with 10 songs in MP3!

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