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Welcome to Brazilian Food Recipes. Enjoy the basic and simple way of eating in Brazil! You know - we grow up being told we are what we eat - don't we? (Just in the Web, they’ve said it more than 1,500,000 times!)

After thinking a bit about it, I believe they are right. Besides...

As my parents came each from a different Brazilian state - and having lived in 4 different others - I saw (and ate) enough to affirm that...

Not only what you eat makes you, but how, where, how often, and why you eat become literally part of you, as time goes by.

In Pernambuco State, I tasted the delicious fish with coconut; in Mato Grosso do Sul, the barbecue with CRISPY CASSAVA CHIPS - eaten on the streets – and usually at night.

My mother taught me to enjoy chicken with 'quiabo', and my father, his super-hot 'mocotó'. I became an expert in 'BOLINHO DE CHUVA'!

In Rio, where I live, we frequently eat the most famous of all Brazilian dishes: FEIJOADA – usually on Fridays!

As we had a generous lemon tree in front of our house, my siblings and I grew up drinking the natural LEMONADE, – indeed, it's a long (and funny) story...

As I don’t drink, I can’t properly recommend you the famous CAIPIRINHA, but this thing I know:

Anyway, please don't drink it to forget a woman: after the second drink, you will see two of them instead of one:)

Oops! I'm getting ahead of myself here. This Web page intends to show you how to prepare some Brazilian Food - with easy Brazilian Recipes - not to tell you what to eat or drink! ;)

So, just tell me which Brazilian Recipes you want to find here, and I hope to get them for you.

As in Brazil we usually don't eat anything alive, feel free to try some recipes by yourself...

Enjoy these Brazilian Food Recipes...

E bom apetite!

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