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Brazilian Food
The Best of Brazilian Recipes

Welcome to Brazilian Food. Here you will find the best of Brazilian Food Recipes - with videos.

Brazilian Food Recipes

  1. Feijoada - This Brazilian feijoada recipe shows you how to prepare our national dish. 
  2. Caipirinha - There are many ways of preparing a delicious caipirinha. This caipirinha recipe gives you an idea of the Brazilian way. 
  3. Bolinho de Chuva - This is the only recipe I can manage without directions. 
  4. Lemonade - Try this lemonade recipe and learn what to do when life gives you a lemon! 
  5. Brazilian Barbecue - coming soon 
  6. Kibe - coming soon 
  7. Brazilian Farofa - coming soon 
  8. Banana Meringue Dessert - coming soon 
  9. Brazilian Fish Stew Recipe - coming soon 
  10. Brigadeiro - coming soon 
  11. Plain White Rice - coming soon 
  12. Brazilian Dessert Quindim - coming soon 
  13. Cassava Chips - coming soon 
  14. Escondidinho de Carne Seca - coming soon 
  15. Shrimp Bob√≥ - coming soon 
  16. Coconut - coming soon 
  17. Black Bean Soup - coming soon 

Brazilian Food Video

Watch this video and check by yourself some of the Brazilian dishes that have become famous worldwide:

Enjoy the basic and simple way of eating in Brazil! You know - we grow up being told we arewhat we eat - don't we?

As my parents came each from a different Brazilian state - and having lived in 4 different others - I believe that not only what you eat makes you, but howwherehow often, and why you eat become literally part of you, as time goes by.

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