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"Thank you for this fabulous website. I am Dominican and Cuban born in the US. I am a dancer in a Brazilian folkloric company. I visited Brazil 2 years ago and I fell in love! Now I am learning Portuguese as a sign of respect to the people I have been dancing with for 8 years. I love it! Thank you sooooo Much."

- Ana Mercedes, USA



Have you ever been to a place where making friends is a cultural matter? Meet these Brazilian Guides and...

Welcome to Brazil!

Are you...

  • Planning to visit Brazil and want some info about it desiring to learn Portuguese in a faster way?

  • Considering starting some business in Brazil or want to buy a house or lend a boat in this Tropical Paradise,

  • Looking for a cartoonist or Brazilian voice-over talent?

    Here you will find some gifted Brazilians to help you in your personal, professional or family projects. Read their profiles, drop them a line (replace the * in their email addresses by @) and receive their portfolios.

    Or just fill in this Form with your ideas and let’s find a Brazilian talent together...

    That’s what friends are for!

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    She Sang for Our Family!

    Sara Bentes – Even having received many prizes and awards around the world, this gifted singer and writer has not been discovered by the Brazilian people yet! She can create a jingle for your company, or even a personal song with which you can make a gift for someone you love! Listen to her here!

    Make Your Business Rock!

    Irani Rodrigues – This facility manager is one of those individuals who has many skills and is able to bring ideas together in a practical manner. He can help you improve your business strategy, design your logo, provide you executive presentations or even find the best approach to sell a property in Brazil! (irani*

    Rent a Boat or House in Angra dos Reis or Paraty

    Cláudio Martins – Born and raised in Angra dos Reis - RJ, this young grandpa knows the ins and outs of renting and buying boats or houses in the Historical City of Angra or Paraty - RJ. He's always ready to go that extra mile for you! (claudioangra*

    My Favorite Brazilian Voice-over Talent

    Acrísio Gonçalves - The owner of the most unforgettable male voice in our region has been in studio for decades. He performs the main character in our audio files. So, if you need a Brazilian voice-over talent to garnish your next audio project, count him in. The proof is in the pudding: Digital Voice – The Voice of Your Company

    The Best Translator from the Pan-American Games 2007

    Jefferson Azevedo – His real-time performances in during the Pan-American Games Rio 2007 made me believe I was seeing Stevie Wonder in his magic keyboard! If you need a quick and reliable Portuguese-English translation, just call him. jefferson.azevedo*

    Whatever You Can Imagine, He Can Draw It!

    Celso Cartoon – When I was about to finish writing my first book, I got surprised with a huge cartoon I saw on the wall of a lithograph department. On it, each of the employees had been caricaturized in an original way. While I was wondering who that gifted person would be, some friends introduced me to Celso Cartoon. Any doubt why I've chosen him to illustrate my ebooks and create our mascot? (celsocartum*

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