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Fernando de Noronha

The Brazilian Portuguese Videos series brings to you Fernando de Noronha, the Brazilian Island of the Sun!

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"I recently spent three months at my place in Brazil and although my Portuguese is improving I really long for the day when I can sit outside in the evening with my new neighbours and speak with them more fluently."

- Bill Hadfield, United Kingdom



You are about to discover why the Fernando de Noronha archipelago awes tourists from all over the world - including Brazilians... like me. :-)

It is a volcanic archipelago with 21 islands. The total area comprises nothing less than 26 kmĀ².

Many couples decide to spend their honeymoon diving in thewarm and clear waters of those islands.

In case you decide to visit it, please let me know how it feels being in paradise! :-)

*To watch the video, just click on the arrow. Then, click on the icon and contact us to receive the PDF file with the script in Portuguese and its English version.


Learn about this tropical paradise, see its natural beauty and wonder at its crystalline waters.

Download the PDF file to read it in English and Portuguese...

See you in Fernando de Noronha!

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