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Iguazu Falls

The Brazilian Portuguese Videos series brings to you the Iguazu Falls, the most beautiful waterfalls of the world. At least, through Brazilian eyes!

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"I’m grateful to learn
the Portuguese language
that I could use to communicate with
our Pastor.

It's nice that you
share what God
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- Cindy, Philippines



With almost three kilometers of extension, the Iguazu Falls are the essence of real natural beauty.

On the same trip you can visit the Iguazu Falls National Park - a UNESCO patrimony of humanity since 1986 - and keep the adventure going by rafting, rappelling, trekking or… who knows?

You would better hold your breath when facing the huge falls from just a few meters!

PS: Once a friend of mine (from the US) wanted to visit the Iguazu Falls with his family. He asked my help to book his flight and find a hotel.

They had a great time visiting the falls, and I made one more friend in Brazil. To read the whole story, click here.

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Turn the volume of your speakers a bit down, relax
and just imagine how good
it feels to be there...

Welcome to Iguazu Falls!

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