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Rio de Janeiro

The Brazilian Portuguese Videos series brings to you Rio de Janeiro, the Brazilian city that makes our most famous postcards!

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People from Rio - 'cariocas', in Portuguese - are known worldwide for being open minded and friendly-like. The city is famous for its Carnival and wonderful beaches...

But in Rio you will have more to see and do than just Carnival and beaches. Having worked in the Cidade Maravilhosa (Marvelous City) during the Pan-American Games Rio 2007, I experienced at first hand what it is to live and work in Rio.

I made great friends there... and one of them became my partner in our translation company!

You can also make great friends and business in Brazil. Or even buy property if you want. To find a local connection in Rio, please count me in! :-)

*To watch the video, just click on the arrow. Then, click on the icon and contact us to receive the PDF file with the script in Portuguese and its English version.


On this video, you will see beautiful landscapes and the 'carioca' way of living.

Download the PDF file to read it in English and Portuguese...

Welcome to Rio!

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