brazilian Portuguese
clothing words

Besides the Brazilian Portuguese clothing words, here you will find flashcards and a game to play... Have fun! =D

a bermuda

a blusa

a bolsa

a calça jeans

a calcinha

a camisa

a carteira

a cueca

a gravata

a jaqueta

a jaqueta de couro

a mini-saia

a mochila

a pasta

a roupa

a saia

as botas

as calças

as luvas

as malas

as meias

as pantufas

as sandálias

o anél

o biquini

o boné

o cachecol

o casaco

o chapéu

o cinto

o colar

o maiô

o moletom

o pijama

o short

o smoking

o suéter

o sutiã

o tênis

o terno

o vestido

os brincos

os jeans

os sapatos

os tênis

   the shorts 










   leather jacket 





   the skirt 








   the ring 






















Break a Record!

1. Adjectives

2. Animals

3. Beach

4. Beverages

5. Body Parts

6. Clothing  

7. Countries

8. Colors

9. Days

10. Face

11. Family

12. Food

13. Gospel

14. House

15. Jobs

16. Months

17. Numbers

18. Ordinals

19. Places

20. Question Words

21. School

22. Sports

23. Weather


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