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Brazilian Singers Trivia - Questions

01. Which Brazilian singer had the word 'Brazilian' in his full name?
A. Tom Jobim
B. Zé Ramalho
C. Lulu Santos

02. Which Brazilian singer became one of the most beloved stars in Brazil by singing 'O Bêbado e a Equilibrista'?
A. Bete Carvalho
B. Elis Regina
C. Roberta Miranda

03. Which Brazilian singer has been called 'The King' of Brazilian Music, and in the 1990s, became the first Latin American artist to sell more albums than the Beatles?
A. Roberto Carlos
B. Geraldo Azevedo
C. Toquinho

04. Which Brazilian singer, guitarist, and songwriter has been serving as Brazil Minister of Culture since 2003?
A. Luiz Gonzaga
B. Gilberto Gil
C. Arnaldo Antunes

05. Which Brazilian singer is a personal friend of this Web site's author?
A. Elis Regina
B. Ivete Sangalo
C. Sara Bentes

06. Who is considered to be the Bob Dylan of Brazil?
A. Sérgio Reis
B. Noel Rosa
C. Caetano Veloso

07. Who is the current Brazil's most popular female singer based on her CD and DVD sales?
A. Ana Carolina
B. Ivete Sangalo
C. Joana

08. Which Brazilian singer was the leader of the rock band 'Legião Urbana' - singing the Brazilian Popular Music in many languages?
A. Jorge Aragão
B. Tim Maia
C. Renato Russo

09. Which Brazilian singer from Rio de Janeiro is also a composer whose lyrics comment on Brazil’s social and economic reality?
A. Chico Buarque
B. Oswaldo Montenegro
C. Milton Nascimento

10. Which Brazilian became known as a kind of crooner in the samba-canção style?
A. Gonzaguinha
B. Jamelão
C. Fagner

Brazilian Singers Trivia - Answers

01. A. Tom Jobim - His full name was Antônio Carlos Brasileiro de Almeida Jobim. / 02. B. Ellis Regina / 03. A. Roberto Carlos / 04. B. Gilberto Gil- He has been the Brazil's Minister of Culture since 2003 and is the second black person to serve in the country's cabinet. / 05. C. Sara Bentes - Winner of international prizes, she is one of the sweetest Brazilian voices you will ever hear. / 06. C. Caetano Veloso - He has been called "one of the greatest songwriters of the century". / 07. B. Ivete Sangalo - She is recognized by her powerful voice, charisma and live performances, and has sold over 12 million albums worldwide. / 08. C. Renato Russo - He has a very interesting life story. Google it. / 09. A. Chico Buarque - He came from a privileged, intellectual family background, and paid it forward. / 10. B. Jamelão - He was the official singer at samba school Mangueira's carnaval parades.

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