Brazilians Love to Talk.
Find Out Why…

My father was a Brazilian. As Brazilians love to talk, I learned from him how to greet everyone on the streets. He taught us at an early age that we should respect those in authority as well as those common passersby we meet everyday on the streets.

My mother was a Brazilian, too. And due to her great charisma, every now and than there was a ‘different’ person having dinner with us. By ‘different’ I mean ‘socially excluded’, as she had a special interest for those kinds of people. She taught us by deed how to accept people as they really are...

My 4 children are Brazilian – and that’s why we need to take turns to speak at home. Sometimes I need to remind them it’s my turn to talk, as they keep talking over and over again! However, as they bring happiness to our home, and as I know they won’t be around forever, I enjoy seeing the little parrots doing the talking and I try to see the world through their innocent eyes.

My brother is a Brazilian in the true sense of the word. When we were in our twenties, he used to cross the whole country just to see me. We had some unforgettable chats. We loved making some popcorn and sitting for a ‘little’ talk in the middle of the night to remember our childhood and share our plans for the future. More than once, we got surprised as the sun was rising and we still had a lot to say!

(Those thoughts have been at the back of my mind for a couple of days, but this morning I finally got up at 3.30 and decided to write it down. I was coming straight to the keyboard but... my wife woke up too and wanted to tell me the beautiful dream she had just had about me! I told you: Brazilians love to talk! ;-)

Having said that, I want to thank you for being so patient and reading all these 346 words so far. If you feel like sharing your thoughts with a Brazilian buddy, please drop me a line. It will surely be a pleasure to hear from you! After all...

... That's what the Brazilian friends are for!

PS: While you start your email, let me wake my darling up again and read this article for her. For the last 16 years, she has been my loyal proofreader – and I bet she will have something to tell me about it!

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