Caricature Yourself:
Find a Happy Way of Seeing the World!

  A caricature may bring good humor to
  everyone who sees it...

  Have you ever thought about having

  It is like a good piece of music. Anyone can see it and say: “Wow! It really works!”

  Whoever manages this art, speaks an
  universal language.

In my home city, humor is a must. It all started at the 1st edition of the Humor Showroom - and ever since, it has been an event waited for anxiously by all the citizens!

On each edition, thousands of people walk by the showroom, appreciating the variety of talents who come from all the regions of Brazil. Smiles, laughters and dozens of fingers pointing to the charges & cartoons mean only one thing: happines is really everywhere.

Every time I see those masterpieces, I have ask myself the same questions:

  • Where all these people go after the event is over?

  • They work in commerce, factories, schools, or
      dedicate all the year to creating activities?

  • How could one have access to these artists all year

  • As this is a small world...

    I had the pleasure of meeting one of those 'brush genius' in a factory. As I came in, I couldn't avoid noticing a funny drawing with all the workers. It was his welcome message to his visitors.

    We talked for a while, and as a result he illustrated my first book. Since then, our friendship has been growing for more than one decade!

    Every time I need an illustration for a manual or a personage for a Safety campaign – I call Celso Camargo again! Tell me if I am not right:

    And here he comes again...

    Just another day, we were sharing ideas on how to reduce stress level in public places, and he said something like...

    – Can you imagine if the bank walls were decorated with caricatures? People would feel more comfortable, reminding that life does not need to be taken so seriously...

    We started a partnership. Our aim is to help people - mainly the language learners - to face themselves with greater flexibility.

    If you have decided to lear a new language, get ready to consider new points of view. By leaving a land which you know - your native language - and experience a new one with different words, expressions and entonation you will need to be, at least, flexible.

    When people start to communicate in another language, they need to accept themselves as 'intermediary' speakers for some time, until developing their full skills in the new language.

    By learning how to overcome this phase in a natural way is a great step toward fluency. It will help a lot towards fluency in the new language.

    And there are additional benefits of a simple caricature. You may...

  • Be remembered by whom you love, with a 100%
      original gift,

  • Surprise your guests with a caricaturist drawing on
      the party,

  • Bring union to your workplace, with a caricature of
      the whole team together,

  • Personalize your e-mail, Orkut, MSN, Skype, blog,
      Web site, or simply

  • Keep a note that life may be - and must be - funny!

  • “But how does it work?”

    See yourself - or your loved one - through an artist's eyes. Start choosing your option:

    Option #1 - Virtual caricature - receive it by e-mail

    Option #2 - In paper (A3) - receive it by mail

    Option #3 - Graffit in a t-shirt - by mail

    Then, fill out the form below. If you choose a virtual caricature, you will only pay after receiveing it!

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