Hello. I am Charlles Nunes, your Brazilian friend online.

I have good news for you. You can learn Portuguese by taking only 2 steps:

  1. Learn how to learn a new language.
  2. Practice every day until you speak fluently.

You can count on me to help you take the first step. As soon as you find a clear goal, I am ready to help you all the way!

This I can tell you:

You CAN learn Portuguese in 90 days, dedicating a little time every day, following a proven system.

And why can I promise you that? Simple...

I started studying English in Brazil on my own when I was 22. Taking no language course, and without the Internet, in a year and a half I was already fluent.

Do you know what made the whole difference?

After I decided to learn, I found many people willing to help me!

Let me say that again: 

AFTER I DECIDED TO LEARN, I found many people willing to help me!

At that time, I was a LDS missionary. When one of my friends saw my dedication to learn English, he said: "You will learn it, no matter what!"

He was right: I was 100% commited.

Learning a new language has opened so many doors in my life, that I started a new mission: help all those who want to reach the same goal.

As time went by, I found out that it is possible to learn any language in a simple, fast and real way!




The RESULTS could not be better. Since I started this journey, many things happened:

  • So far, I have written 13 books - mostly on language learning. I launched the first one in 2001. Nobody told me it would take me 7 years to sell 1,000 books! =)
  • In 2006 I created this Web site to express my gratitude. We have been receiving visitors from 180 countries every month. 
  • In 2011 I created a twin-site to help Portuguese speakers learn English.
  • In 2012 we started our language school in Brazil, and in 2 years we opened our first franchise.


Life brings us many surprises.

After being married (with 4 kids) for a while, all of a sudden, our family had to say goodbye to our youngest daughter.

She went back to the celestial home after blessing our lives for 9 years.

As a tribute to her, I wrote the book 'Simplesmente Poliana', and lots of people have sent me their feedback, saying how their life view was changed by reading it.


While testing what works and what does not work on language learning, I enrolled in an online course at the Brigham Young University.

I saw at first hand how their Learning System works, and boy, it really does!

By calling EACH student to action - week after week - they reach amazing results.

In one of those A-HA moments, I thought to myself: "Let's apply this model to Portuguese courses online!"

Now, YOU have the chance to learn Portuguese in 90 Days, with 3 simple tools:

  1. A simple SCHEDULE with 1 activity to be performed each day,
  2. A proven LEARNING MODEL that helps you keep moving,
  3. A qualified TEACHER to help you along the way.

See how closer to being fluent you are than I was 20 years ago?

It is your turn...


Your language adventure is about to start. Write your e-mail below, download your copy of 'My Portuguese Phrasebook' in PDF and wait for my free video-course. 

By reading this simple guide, you will learn:

  • The Most Common Portuguese Phrases
  • Cognates: Language Learning at First Sight
  • The 100 Most Common Portuguese Verbs
  • The 100 Most Common Portuguese Words
  • 100 Portuguese Flash Cards: The Memory Back Up