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Imagine a world in which every human being has access to free language learning resources at the comfort of their home...


We imagined. And we've been working hard for that!

If you've ever searched for free language learning resources online, you probably noticed that most language sites offer a small sample and then...

Try to sell you their products!

Our story is a little different: Learn Portuguese Now © was born as a way of expressing gratitude. On that same spirit, we've been providing free language resources since January 2006.

Currently our site receives about 15,000 visitors per month - coming from 150 countries. Four years of online experience have shown us that Portuguese language learners are usually search for:

  • Portuguese Phrases
  • Free Lessons
  • Common Words
  • Basic Vocabulary
  • Pronunciation Guide
  • Basic Verbs
  • Brazilian Songs
  • Our goal is to launch a new site in 2010 making these same resources available in 6 more languages:


    Want to be part of this story? Join us...


    Choose one of our eBooks to translate from English or Portuguese to your native language, and we will send you the file by e-mail:

  • My Portuguese Phrasebook
  • Learn Portuguese at Home
  • 365 Common Portuguese Words
  • Pronunciation Guide
  • Basic Verbs
  • You will be known as the translator of the eBook. If you're a teacher, your credibility online will soon increase.


    How about making your voice heard in 150 countries? Fill out the form below and we will set the details for you to start recording. The credit will be yours - and you get a link to your site. ;-)


    To donate any amount, click in the button below. You will be directed to the PayPal site, where you can make your donation quickly and safely.

    Here's how we are going to invest your contribution:

  • We will apply the first $299 donated to purchase an yearly subscription for our new site.
  • Additional contributions will be applied in recording audio files and in general maintenance.

  • The best things in the world begin at home...

    We are developing this project with a single purpose: to enable leanguage learnes worldwide to learn a language for free at the comfort of their homes!

    How about starting at yours? ;-)

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