Heróis Anônimos
Tem Sempre Um Perto de Você

Heróis Anônimos - Grab Your Copy Now!Heróis Anônimos is one of those books that make us laugh and think at the same time. You will have fun with the story of the barber who forgot to die - or the street vendor who was fanatic for videogames! :-)

It includes 15 short stories portraying the reality of Brazilian people - workers whose contribution is essential to the welfare of all communities. A fair tribute to those who make this world a better place.

Written by Charlles Nunes, a professional language teacher since 1993 (and creator of www.learn-portuguese-now.com), this simple book helps the reader seeing ordinary people with fresh eyes...

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Book Description

This is the first edition of a Portuguese-language book written specially for a national literary contest. The contest aimed to awake the interest of iliterate adults unto literary matters.

The author's interest in the subject was so great that he wrote the whole book in just 10 days... "No shaving, no traveling, just writing' was his motto.

After reading the book, it is worth a pause to recognize and honor all the anonymous heroes who make partyour own routine - from the gas station attendant to the bus conductor, from the drugstore clerk to the doorman.

You will discover - or just remember - that a simple greeting or smile can 'make the day' of those whose routine is surrounded by indifference.

Table of Contents

Heróis Anônimos is a tribute to blue-collar workers worldwide. There are fifteen professionals whose adventures are told in the book. Here they are:

  • BARBEIRO – Fazendo a Cabeça do Povo
  • CAMELÔ – De Temporário a Permanente
  • CHURRASQUEIRO – Maratonista por Profissão
  • COBRADOR – O Regente do Coletivo
  • COVEIRO – O Agente Invisível
  • DOMÉSTICA – Suor a Qualquer Preço
  • DONA-DE-CASA – Um Anjo Sem Paraíso
  • LIXEIRO – O Menestrel da Avenida
  • MERENDEIRA – Uma Lição de Humanidade
  • MOTOBOY – Uma Vida em Suas Mãos
  • MOTORISTA – Quando Nem Tudo é Passageiro
  • PADEIRO – Excelência por Tradição
  • PARTEIRA – A Guardiã da Vida Erro!
  • PEDREIRO – O Escultor de Sonhos
  • PINTOR – Um Poliglota no País das Cores

Audio Files

By purchasing the eBook you will receive a password to donwload the audio files in MP3. Improve your listening skills & pronunciation wherever you are!

The author's humorous style makes the story pleasant to read and to listen to. You will have fun with his own definitions of concepts covered in the book.

Listen to the audio files and improve your oral comprehension while learning the Brazilian pronunciation.

1. Barbeiro - Fazendo a Cabeça do Povo

2. Camelô - De Temporário a Permanente

3. Churrasqueiro - Maratonista por profissão

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