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Discover a powerful strategy I've learned from years of teaching languages for beginners.


Hi, I’m Charlles Nunes – a Brazilian language teacher and the founder of Learn Portuguese Now.

There are hundreds of things you can do to simplify your language learning. One of them is 'find a plan and stick to it'.

'Learn Portuguese in 7 Weeks" brings to you the opportunity to maximize your results in a short period of time.

I've picked up the 365 most common words in Portuguese and created 3 simple sentences with each. Breading just page a day, you will be able to understand about 90% of any Portuguese article...

  1. Without memorizing a single line,
  2. Without studying any grammar!

You will also have flashcards and games to practice online! ;-)

Excellent organization in the ebook. I look forward to learning from the ebook sample. WELL DONE! I'm a teacher of English as a second language and I am sure my methods could improve by modeling your organized approach.

Steve MacRae - Media Consultant

Amazing approach... Learning Portuguese this way is easy!

Sam Lima · Bedworth

How did I discover these strategies to help you learn faster?

Since my first year as a language teacher - 1993 - I have been looking for what works and what doesn't work for the students. I found a great book based on common words, and talked to the author about writing my own. He said: 'Go ahead!'

Through trial and error I developed a specific approach according to the students' needs. For ten years I've been using this methodology to help students learn how to read in a second language. 

After testing and refining my approach, I noticed a big increase in my students' learning curve.

Though I wrote this book to help people learn how to read, the side effect is that you can also learn how to speak. Especially by using the flashcards with audio and playing games related to each page!

When I first started publishing parts of the book, I received tremendous feedback of learners from all over the world...

Read this review of a teacher trainer who has taught languages in five continents:

Portuguese in 7 Weeks focuses on reading but if you get hold of the audio version as well, or if you already master the basics of Portuguese/Brazilian pronunciation, you have here at your disposal the perfect tool for acquiring or revising basic Portuguese.

The book is great fun. It immediately allows you to speak the language fairly fluently. The brilliant idea behind it is the 'three-in-one'system. From the outset every new item is highlighted in 3 different ways, which sets your mind free to concentrate on fluency. Moreover, this system puts order in the mind because of its relatively light memory load per item, which in its turn has the advantage to tease the learner into experimenting with the learned new words, and so to get to a broad amount of vocabulary almost effortlessly.  

Seven weeks, however, is obviously a maximum speed proposition. Some students, among whom myself, will find it more beneficial, to go through the course at a somewhat slower pace. Each one has to find their own rhythm in order to continuously consolidate what they have learned. Personally I invented a 'sabbatical' system, i.e. every Saturday I went again through the items of the past week, and after 7 to 8 weeks, I started the cycle all over again...

Whichever way you choose, you will get a tremendous lot of 'Portuguese in 7 Weeks'. 

Afonso Vandebroek, M.A. - Language (Teacher) Trainer of English, French and German - Nahariya, Israel

I’ve tested and refined these language learning strategies so that they really work. Portuguese in 7 Weeks is your complete, 62-page, step-by-step success guide to learning a language on your own.

You can print the ebook and carry a copy wherever you go. Or you can read it on your cell phone.

And how can you track your own progress? For a limited time, there are 2 ways:

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This is a PDF ebook that you can read on your Computer, Kindle, iPad, Nook, Tablet, Smartphone, and most other devices.

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Learn Portuguese Now has been online since 2006. I love creating FREE content to help people like you learn Portuguese around the globe.

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