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Let The Language Accelerator Program - LAP
Carry You Every Step Of The Way

With The Language Accelerator Program, there's really nothing left to chance. You have the proven process. You have the author of the Program as your Portuguese instructor. And you have a support group with an "all in it together" attitude, willing to help one another every step of the way.

On top of all of that is a money-back success guarantee that allows you to try the Program risk-free. Go through Week 1 of the course. Meet the instructor and your classmates. Learn what it takes to really learn Portuguese in the comfort of your home...

Then, if you have any doubts, we'll refund your money. Zero questions asked!

If you have never tried to learn a foreign language before, there simply isn't a better or faster way to get started than with The Portuguese LAP. Once you graduate from the 12-week program, you will have the knowledge it takes to keep learning until you can speak Portuguese fluently!

Learning a new language is not an easy task. If you have tried and failed before, this course could make the difference and turn things around. Making a few good decisions and avoiding some bad mistakes can get you past those failures.

It's Easy To Get Started

Once you order (below), you will immediately be sent a welcome e-mail that gives you everything you need to begin.

Your LAP Instructor will confirm your time and ask you to fill out a short form to learn more about your background and language goals. This will help the instructor when he is in communication with you. You'll also receive instructions on how to login and get prepared to your first class session.

It's incredibly simple to participate. If you can check your e-mail, you are more than capable of achieving success with The Portuguese LAP.

And if you ever do have questions, your instructor is only a phone call or e-mail away! You can call him at Skype: charllesnunes

How Much Does It Cost?

After you finish the 12 week program, you'll know the basics of the language, will have new friends online and in Brazil, and will know exactly where to go to get help whenever you need it.

The Language Accelerator Program costs $294. For a limited time only, we are offering the Program for 50% of its original price. You'll receive the 12-week course, including personal instruction once a week, for only USD $147.

Yes, $147. And you can pay it in 3 installments of $49 each.

Join The Portuguese LAP right now, and in only three months, you will be able to speak Portuguese! Click on the button below:

If you still have questions, skype 'charllesnunes' and talk to the LAP Author, give us a call at +55-24-9954-1608 or click here to send us an e-mail.

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