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1. How can I quickly improve my Portuguese vocabulary?

Well, I'd suggest these very simple steps:

a. Print the Common Words , and put them in a visible spot.

b. Prepare some flashcards, with the words on one side and the examples on the other.

c. Keep them in your pocket.

d. Whenever you have a short spare time, take them out and have a look.

You'll be surprised by how much you can improve your Portuguese in just a couple of weeks!

2. Do you provide any English-Portuguese translations?

Certainly! As a matter of fact, depending on the length of your document, I can translate it for FREE ! For books, Web sites or longer issues, I can provide you with a budget.

3. Can you help me to write/edit or review my book?

It's my pleasure, as long as it is appropriate and relevant to the Portuguese language or language learning in general.

Please contact me by clicking here .

4. What is the Open Arms Newsletter?

It's a monthly publication from Learn-Portuguese-Now.com, designed to help you learn Portuguese with inspiration. It includes lots of tips on grammar, vocabulary, and articles about the Brazilian culture and language learning.

Want to receive this warm Brazilian embrace each and every month? Subscribe right now by clicking here !

5. How (and where) can I practice my reading/writing in Portuguese?

As soon as you get to an intermediate level, join me at Recanto das Letras . (If your experience is like mine, you will fall in love with this Web site!)

6. Do you have a printer-friendly version of any page?

No yet, but here is what you can do:

  • Copy the pages you selected: Edit – Select all – Control C
  • Open a new program (like Word) and past them: Control V – Edit – Select all
  • Edit your text: Tools – Language – Select language – Justify
  • Adjust the spaces and font size.
  • Print: File – Print Preview – File – Print – OK

    It will cut way down the number of pages to print. Any question, please contact me.

    7. How can I set up my own Web site?

    If you're interested in a Get-Rich-Quick scheme, you must look anywhere else, but if you want to make a living out of your dream, I highly recommend you to consider my own experience .

    8. Where can I get the answer to a question not addressed here?

    Piece of cake! Ask me directly by clicking here .

    9. What advice would you give to someone who's about to give up?

    Keep learning. Keep moving. Only knowledge brings freedom.

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