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Learn Portuguese Now receives more than 1,000 visitors a day - without spending a dime in advertising. These people from +150 countries are learning Portuguese for FREE!

Online since January 2006, this Web site has become one of the most visited ones about the Portuguese language. Ask mother Google: Learn Portuguese

And It All Started as a Single Dream...

Back in 2005, Charlles Nunes - a Brazilian who learned English with a friend's help - was looking for a way to pay forward what had been done for him.

After searching on the Web, he found Site Build It! - a Canadian company that helps people all over the world organize a small business with a basic knowledge and great motivation. He embarked on the journey and took the opportunity to make his dream come true by creating learn-portuguese-now.com - with very little experience online.

Mr. Nunes has been teaching languages since 1993. He fell in love with the words soon after starting his first journal as a teenager, back in 1985. He has authored more than a dozen books on language learning, and quite a few on other topics related to personal development. Now he wants to pursue another dream of developing a full-time writing career...

And that's why Learn Portuguese Now is on sale.

After writing Simplesmente Poliana - a book in tribute of his lovely 9-year-old daughter who passed away on October 2010, it became clear for him it was the right time to conclude his writing projects.

Are You Ready to Take Charge of Learn Portuguese Now?

Selling a Web site is quite similar to giving away a little puppy: after realizing it is time for you both to be apart, you still want to leave the baby in the right hands. In our case, it isn't any different!

So, we are looking for someone who - for any good reason - has a special place in her/his heart for the Brazilian people and our language. As far as this candidate is willing to keep the baby growing, we are ready to teach her/him how to play the online game as much as we know it.

We will do our best to create a win-win situation.

How Much is the Investment?

As the selling process has just begun - and we are by no means in a hurry - we will ask buysellwebsites.com to evaluate our site. They have a reliable credential on this field, so their work will become our solid guideline. Here is an interesting unsolicited testimonial from their Website:

I just wanted to thank you for your services. I obtained a website appraisal from buysellwebsites.com as well as a 3 month listing. When the appraisal first came to me, I was somewhat skeptical because it was at least $10K more than what I expected the site to be worth (the appraisal was for between $18,500 and $24,500). During the first 3 weeks I recieved 3 offers on the site for $2,000 and under, and was beginning to believe that my estimations were correct. However, I called buysellwebsites.com and you guys calmed me down and assured me that I should just hang in there. Sure enough, at the end of the 3rd week I got an offer at $15,000. Shortly after I started getting bombarded by people who wanted to buy the website. Although I recieved offers up to $25,000, I finally settled on a $22,000 offer because I felt that he could do the best with the website. In other words, I not only received much more than I initially expected for the site, but I was also able to be PICKY about who I chose to buy it. Now, not only do I have money in the bank, but I feel confident that the business that I created will succeed.

Thank You!


Lisa Tunnell

Nothing bad, huh? And we are on the same boat that Lisa once was...

What Does it Mean to Own Learn Portuguese Now?

First and foremost, you will have an already successful business to run. You will contact people from all over the world who are looking for a way to learn Portuguese. You will have a list of thousands of subscribers willing to learn about Brazil and the Portuguese language. (If you are a subscriber, thanks for all your patience during this last semester. )

The Bright Future of Learn Portuguese Now

As Brazil will hold the Olympics in 2014, and the World Cup in 2016, it is reasonably fair to believe that the Portuguese language will catch the attention of the world, increasing in popularity as years go by.

Before Getting Onboard, Please Consider These 2 IF'S:

  • If you feel that owning Learn Portuguese Now may also help you make a dream come true, just fill out the form below, and we will keep in contact will you soon.

  • If you qualify to become the next owner, you will receive additional information, including the hot points to monetize, and we will tell you about our weakest areas, so you may improve them ASAP.

How Much Support Will You Receive?

After transferring the ownership of the site, we are going to work with the new owner for as long as she/he needs some help (up to three months). She/He will learn...

  • How to manage the technical stuff
  • How to manage our Youtube account (dozens of videos, more than 4000 subscribers and growing
  • How to implement Adsense
  • How to upload new pages or change the existing ones
  • How to manage our Newsletter, with thousands of subscribers.
We hope you can see that by purchasing Learn Portuguese Now you are getting more than just a business...

You are making two dreams come true at once!

Now, It's Your Turn...