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  1. Portuguese Words - Learn the numbers, the body parts, the adjectives and much more! Express your ideas quickly with our hints on the question words.
  2. Portuguese Phrases - Here you will learn how to talk on the phone, go shopping, exchange money, book a hotel, meet new people, ask for directions and phrases for special occasions.
  3. Portuguese Verbs - Learn 37 basic verbs with their conjugation, or get 100 verbs with flashcards!
  4. Portuguese Lessons - With 15 free lessons you will be able to speak Portuguese in a matter of weeks.
  5. Easy Words - Recognize 3,000 Portuguese words just by studying 20 groups. Besides, find 1,090 examples of Common Words.
  6. Pronunciation - Audio files to help you manage 100 Brazilian sounds. Break the sound barrier with our free Pronunciation Guide!