Learn Portuguese In
Rio De Janeiro

Learn Portuguese In Rio De Janeiro,
And Live A Breathtaking Adventure!

Before landing in Rio de Janeiro City, take your deepest breath... You are about to enjoy the warmest Brazilian welcome!

Just have a look at the Christ Redeemer with his open arms over the Guanabara Bay, and wonder why Rio is known as the ‘Cidade Maravilhosa’ (Wonderful City).

With more than 8 million inhabitants, this lively city represents the best of the Brazilian Culture. What else in the world can you find so many natural beauties at the same place?

By the way, if you love beauty and Nature (and I bet you do), set yourself free and join the ‘cariocas’ (as the native are called) in celebrating daily life in every way.

Talk To Anybody, Anywhere

There is no place like this to improve your Portuguese. In Rio, there is a non-written law, which permits you start talking to anybody, anytime... anywhere.

On the beaches, streets, islands or clubs (even in a 5 star hotel), all you have to do is look at somebody´s eyes and start a conversation!

But not only your eyes and ears will be fascinated. Here will find all the delicious Brazilian food, as well as international food. Rio is always at your service, as long as you bring a smile in your face. (And some money in your wallet!)

Love Is In The Air!

In case you are a soccer fan, take this tip seriously: don’t leave before putting your soul out in Maracanã, the legendary stadium of the Soccer Land. If you think you know what ‘vibration’ means, you be quite surprised!

When walking along the Copacabana beach, Ipanema , Flamengo, and many others, look around and see how blessed Rio has been. While visiting the Sugar Loaf and the Corcovado (at the feet of Christ Redeemer), say a prayer for all God’s creations.

Once you catch the ‘carioca’ feeling, you will find plenty of reasons to learn Portuguese and celebrate life for every single day.

But learn Portuguese is one of many options in Rio de Janeiro !

Whatever you choose to do, I will be right here waiting.

Waiting for you with open arms...

Have fun seeing Rio through these foreign eyes!

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