I think you should. For a simple reason: 

You are about to discover some simple steps you can take today to learn Portuguese at the comfort of your home.

And you are not alone.

More than 20 years ago, I was in a hurry to learn English, but I had no a roadmap as you have now. So... 

Enjoy the ride. ;-)

are you a
smart learner?

 Smart learners have common traits that help them achieve more results with less effort. Check it out:

1. Smart learners have a strong reason to learn.

When you develop a sense of purpose in what you're doing, you will achieve better results than if you just tick items on a checklist.

First, discover WHY you want to learn Portuguese, then you can find many ways on HOW to do it.

2. Smart learners decide early to commit with the process.

If you already ran a long distance or struggled with a long term goal, you know what it takes time to achieve great results.

Learning a language is no different.

You should decide at the very beginning that you are going to put in the time and effort to speak Portuguese.

3. Smart learners focus on one step at a time.

They don't try to do everything at once.

Many language learners get trapped by the overload of information available. After spending precious time watching YouTube videos, their productivity is near zero.

Make the most of your time and take your first steps on your language journey right now:

small STEP #1

Learning the Portuguese Cognates is the first step you should take to speak fluently.

Cognates are words that 'look alike' in two different languages. Learning them is one of the smartest decisions you can ever made on your language journey.

Click here to learn how to recognize thousands of words in Portuguese.

Why is this page ranked #1 at Google for the term 'Portuguese cognates'?

Because it has clear examples that you can use to boost your Portuguese right from the start. You will be surprised by discovering how much Portuguese you already know...

Also, by adding the most common words in Portuguese to your toolkit, you will be able to understand more than 60% of any text.

small STEP #2

By taking a few Portuguese lessons you will be able to create your own phrases in Portuguese.

When you learn how to make phrases in Portuguese, you can just add new words to the structures you already know.

For example:

   1. Eu quero beber leite. I want to drink milk.

   2. Eu quero beber café. I want to drink coffee.

   3. Eu quero beber chá. I want to drink tea.

Click here to begin creating your sentences in Portuguese right now.

small STEP #3
portuguese phrases

By practicing these Portuguese Phrases, you will be able to get by in Brazil.

Since their creation back in 2006, the pages on Portuguese phrases have been one of the most visited on LPN.

And that's for a simple reason: they include the most basic phrases for people to get by in Portuguese.

That's why I created a FREE ebook with all their content, and some special bonuses.

You can join thousands of Portuguese learners and download your FREE copy right now.

and last but not least...
"are you on a mission?"

I started learned English when I was a LDS missionary in Pernambuco - Brazil.

As 99% of Brazilians speak only Portuguese, learning English had nothing to do with my mission. But all of a sudden, it became one of my top priorities.

I was transferred to work in the staff, and some newly arrived missionaries didn't speak any Portuguese!

Long story short, I had to make do and learned English in a random way - with a little help as my friends. It was back in 1991...

As learning English changed my life for better, I wanted to create LPN in 2006 as a THANK YOU note.

I wanted to help others change their life too.

After all these years, I believe it is time to raise the bar... So, I'm departuring on a new quest: 


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I'm commited and excited to fulfill my mission - and I hope to keep a record of it.

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Charlles Nunes