Motivation - The First Principle
of Language Learning

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The first principle of language learning is the Principle of Motivation.

"Attention is the mother
of memory.

The more interested you
are in something, the more
time and efforts you
invest to get it.

When you align what you
must do to learn a language
with what inspires you,
success is unavoidable."



Motivation is the set of reasons that determines why we engage in a particular behavior to reach specific goals. By applying this principle, average people may perform outstanding tasks in work and science.

This is the real power that makes the world goes round. It pushes people towards their goals – even against all odds. It inspires men and women to travel to distant lands, discover new cultures and overcome their own limits.

The most widely known motivational theory says that human needs range from the physiological level up to self-actualization, including the sense of safety, belongingness and esteem.

On the language learning field, it states that we learn faster what captures our interest. So, to succeed in achieving your goals…

…Keep an eye on your motivational factor. ;o)

The clearer you identify your reasons to speak a foreign language, the more power you will have to attain it. Whatever you may say about it, what really matters is how you feel deep inside about your target language and the people who use it. This ‘personal true’ will drive you forward – or backwards on your language journey.

Let me tell you a story...

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