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"Keep on dreaming boy,
cause when you stop
dreamin' it's time to die.
--Shannon Hoon



Everyone who is alive is on mission. Including you... and me.

We were born with different gifts and abilities. As we find those talents and work to develop them, we get better prepared to serve our families, friends and communities.

Start looking for that thing that makes you lose track of the time. With dedication and proper guidance, you may become better in this activity than anyone else on the planet!

Think about it:

  • By developing your potential through meeting other people’s needs you will produce wealth and abundance

  • As you dedicate time to do something you love doing, you turn your work into a cause

  • In return, happiness and enjoyment will flow naturally towards you
  • Somehow, these rewards have been coming to me.

    When I started learning English, I never imagined it would open so many doors – and allows me to meet hundreds of people whose background is so different from mine.

    Due to my teaching-related career, I have access to high-qualified professionals of several fields, from singers to CEOs, designers to professors, writers to editors.

    Back to my 20’s, how could I guess that learning English would even help me better understand Portuguese? Writing a book on language learning was definitely not part of my ‘to-do’ list! :o)

    But years went by – I got more and more engaged on language affairs – and this beautiful language became part of my routine… Even though I still live and work in Brazil. ;o)

    Learning foreign languages enables me to see life from new perspectives. The diversity of cultures, traditions and beliefs around the world makes me realize that what we have in common supersedes our differences.

    Just another day, a friend of mine called me to his office in the early morning. This nice fellow – an American who loves reading and writing – took a worn notebook out of the drawer and handed me it with a smile.

    He had collected inspiring quotes from countless books, and was sharing his findings with me. I was delighted with those precious gems of thought, and realized he considers me as one of his peers.

    Have you noticed that one of the reasons I can enjoy those moments is because at some point of my life I identified the benefits of learning English?

    By closely relating with foreigners who live and work in Brazil, and with Brazilians who dedicate their time to learn English, I have learned one thing: they are not average people. They usually have lots of talents that make me rejoice when we get aboard together on their language journey.

    We find reasons to laugh every class. We talk about important issues. We usually open our hearts and respect each other’s point of view.

    That is how we discover – time after time – that basic human needs are quite similar everywhere. ;o)

    In conclusion, whatever your reasons to learn a new language may be…

    There are more doors to be opened, more friends to be made and more opportunities to seize on the language road than you have ever dreamed of!

    I hope this chapter may have left you with the impression that learning a language is not rocket science. I confess that it fascinates me, as it draws on principles of both art and science. And I hope we may soon exchange some ideas about it…

    In your own language – or in mine! ;o)


    1. I will search for information related to my fields of interest in the target language.
    2. I will identify my own learning style, and set specific goals that resonate to my willingness to achieve them.
    3. I will connect my language learning to greater purposes that I have in life.

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