A Gratitude Message from Charlles Nunes,
Founder of Learn-Portuguese-Now.com

Charlles Nunes - Your Portuguese Language Guide

  Can you imagine a world in which language learners are given FREE access to all language tools & resources available on the planet?

  Since 2006 our team has been working hard to achieve this goal, based on the idea that any language and culture should be freely shared between people from different countries...

  From January to December (2010) we’ve received 200,000 visitors and one million page views!

Thank You For All Your Support

Due to some unusual 'surprises' we had in 2010, by December 27 we needed some donations to keep the Web site running for one more year.

I sent out a message to our list and in less than 24 hours we received twice what we needed!

(Soon, we are going to register a new Web site, which aims to help people write their personal stories, as a legacy for future generations.)

Those who donated will soon receive a language 'KIT', to help them learn Portuguese faster.

Muito Obrigado, e Feliz 2011!

Any Amount

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