STEP #1: Watch the Video - 2 minutes




STEP #2: Read the Phrases Aloud (2 minutes)

Eu gosto de beber.

Eu preciso beber.

Eu quero beber.

Eu gosto de beber água.

Eu gosto de beber leite.

Eu gosto de beber suco.

Eu gosto de beber chá.

Eu preciso beber água.

Eu preciso beber leite.

Eu preciso beber suco.

Eu preciso beber chá.

Eu quero beber água.

Eu quero beber leite.

Eu quero beber suco.

Eu quero beber chá.

I like to drink.

I need to drink.

I want to drink.

I like to drink water.

I like to drink milk.

I like to drink juice.

I like to drink tea.

I need to drink water.

I need to drink milk.

I need to drink juice.

I need to drink tea.

I want to drink water.

I want to drink milk.

I want to drink juice.

I want to drink tea.

STEP #3: Play with the Flashcards - 1 minute

STEP #4: Click and Drag - 2 minutes