One Minute Portuguese: Your Shortcut to Brazilian Portuguese

Brazilian Portuguese Expressions
Speak Portuguese Like a Brazilian

Welcome to Brazilian Portuguese Expressions. Enjoy!

Brazilian Portuguese Expressions - B

 bater o queixo

 bater palmas

 bater papo

 bater uma foto

 bem direitinho

 bem educado

 Bem feito!

 bem melhor

 botar a boca no mundo

 Botar no olho da rua

 botar os pingos nos i’s

 botar os pingos nos i’s

 to shiver, chattering teeth

 to clap hands

 to talk, to chat

 to snap a picture

 fairly well

 well-bred, having good manners

 Nice going! (sarcastic)

 much better

 to scream one’s head off

 to throw someone out

 to get things straightened out

 to dot the i’s and cross the t’s