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Brazilian Portuguese Expressions - Q

 qual o quê

 quando do seu regresso

 quanto a

 quanto antes melhor

 quanto antes, o

 quanto mais... (tanto) mais

 Quanto tempo?

 Que nada!

 que nem

 Que tal...

 Que tal?

 quebrar o galho

 queima-roupa, à

 queira + infinitive

 quem quer que

 querer bem a

 querer dizer

 querer mal a

 quinze dias

 not at all, of course not

 upon his return

 as for

 the sooner the better

 as soon as possible

 the more... the more

 How long? (time)

 Nonsense, not at all

 just like (colloquial)

 How about...

 What do you think of that?

 to get a job done or do a favor

 at close range, point blank


 whoever, whomever

 to love (someone)

 to mean, to mean to say

 to have ill will for someone

 two weeks