Portuguese Language Links
The Real People Behind the Scenes

We want to make this more than just a page of links to sites about the Portuguese language.

This place is devoted to people and companies which - besides providing outstanding services - have been kind and helped us improve Learn Portuguese Now in some way. :O)

That's why we call them FRIENDS.

Learn Portuguese Online

  1. Learn Portuguese with Interactive Games - Craig Gibson has just sent me an email tellling about his great Web site. I hope you enjoy learning Portuguese and playing at the same time! ;-)

  2. The Brazilian Language - Daniel is married to a Brazilian, and his love for the Portuguese language is clear by the quality content he provides at his Web site. If I were you, I'd pay him a visit right now! ;-)

  3. Learn Portuguese with Rafa - Rafa is a very approachable person, and has organized a high quality collection of tips and resources to help you learn Portuguese. Keep an eye on his work, and you will enhance your learning experience!

  4. Sonia-Portuguese - Sonia simply made me proud of being Brazilian. The content is so well organized that is not by chance that people call hers 'the most compreehensive Portuguese language Website'.

  5. Tá Falado - Orlando Kelm learned Portuguese in Brazil, and earned his Ph.D. in Hispanic Linguistics in the US. Download LOTS of free stuff made by his team and... have fun!

  6. Learn Portuguese Language - Dianne and her team guarantee that learning Portuguese with them will increase your chances of international professional success. If you want to learn Portuguese in Portugal, here is your chance!

Read & Write in Portuguese

  1. Atlântico Books - Helena Como is someone who knows the ins and outs of her business: help people discover Brazil and the Portuguese language. Want to meet her? Click here!

  2. Por Trás das Letras - Hélio Consolaro is one of a kind teacher & writer (and now a City Education Secretary)! After reading all his books, I took them to school and we had a great time with his funny stories. He just sent me a link to download a FREE Portuguese Dictionary, and I hope you enjoy his friendship as I do!

  3. Jornal dos Amigos - After receiving an inspiring message about friendship, I called Roberto Bendia to thank him for all the precious information he shares with his readers. To our surprise, we talked as just old friends usually do!

  4. Recanto das Letras - By setting up this Web site, Patrick opened the way for thousands to start publishing their texts online. Read my first FREE page, and get ready to start yours!

  5. Mário Persona - After reading his first article in 2004, I kept reading 300 more! Then, one day my wife was in the shower, and I read a text out loud. She concluded: 'Writeen by Mario, right?" I replied: "Not this one - I wrote it on my own!" Thanks, Mário, for inspiring me to write...

Discover Brazil & South America

  1. Gringo-Rio.com - Hakan is a foreigner who fell in love with Rio de Janeiro. If you want to discover the ins and outs of this Cidade Maravilhosa (Marvelous City), you must see him. ;-) Besides being a great writer, he is ready to help you. If your experience is like mine, we will have one more friend in common!

  2. JustBrazil.org - Carlos is the man behind the scenes of this online Brazil travel guide where you can find all for your best Brazil vacations.

  3. Budget Travel Adventures - Thomas is a guy who really 'walks his talk'. He has traveled throughout South America with a limited budget and a lot of creativity. He now shares his insights and valuable tips for newbies and experienced travelers for FREE. Why don't you pay him a visit right now? ;-)

Learn Portuguese in Brazil

  1. Brazilian Language & Culture Program - A Program That works! Ricardo & Takako are ready to guide you step by step in a wonderful bicultural community center. If you want to learn by the 'natural approach', you've got to meet them!

  2. Rita de Amadeu - At the very first contact with Rita de Amadeu I knew I was talking to someone who was born to be a teacher. That's why I offered to build this page about her.

  3. Portuguese Tips - Teacher Cláudia is a must on writing! I simply love her articles! She is available for private classes in São Paulo. You may contact her at claudiafmla@uol.com.br

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