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With These Portuguese Language Videos You Can Learn Portuguese at the Comfort of Your Home!

Last December my family took part in a contest, and we got a $500 prize with this first-time attempt:

The main reason for us to participate in that contest was to learn how to record simple videos, in order to make them available here for YOU.

When I realized that almost all the audio files could be presented in this entertaining form, I was amazed!

However, for those friends with a dial up connection, putting a couple of them in each page would make their navigation too slow, wouldn't it? ;)

Portuguese Phrases

That's why I'm including all these video links at a single page.

Ready to start? Don’t forget to grab your popcorn. The show is about to start... (And the link in red simply changed my life!)

365 Common Portuguese Words
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Greetings & Introductions

Useful Expressions

Directions Going Shopping

Taxi & Hotel

Airport & Bus Station


Phone Call

Special Occasions & Goodbye

Time Expressions

Question Words Portuguese Lessons

  Lesson 01 NEW!

Articles & Tips

  There’s a Time for Every Purpose

Few Words That Changed My Life - For the Better... MUCH Better

Everyone Can Succeed Online.

Want to know how to create a Web site - or business - like this? Listen - and watch - the Doctor...

Any idea on how to improve these 'Portuguese Language Videos'? Just tell me how! :-)