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  Hello. My name is Charlles, and I'd love to help
  you learn Portuguese! ;-)

  I live close to beaches, mountains and forests
  with my wife and our four kids in Angra dos Reis,
  RJ, Brazil. Living in this paradise makes me
  get up excited each and every day!

  However, life hasn't been always so colorful
  for me. During some time in my life, I felt just like one more person in the crowd.

Up to 21 years old, Portuguese was the only language I spoke, and though I REALLY needed to learn a second language, I had no idea on where to begin...

*In case you are also in your 40's, I used to feel as green as Kermit:

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At that time, I started serving as an LDS missionary i Brazil. One of my co-workers decided to help me by teaching me the English basics. We used to get up at 5.30 and read the scriptures for an hour in English.

This demonstration of true friendship has changed my life since then. Due to his help, I've been involved in some challenging inter-cultural projects!

It All Started With a Decision...

Soon after coming back from that work, I started teaching English for beginners. With their incentive, I went to college to get the proper qualification.

It all happened 16 years ago, and this Web site you are visiting now was born out of the desire I had to pay forward what had been done for me on language learning.

In 2005 I found a pearl on the Web, The Netwriting Masters Course on the Internet, and one of my dreams became reality.

That book taught me how to turn my passion into a profitable business. With the right tools and resources, I have been able to help people from 150+ countries to learn Portuguese!

I share this short story hoping to inspire you on your language learning. Take action now. Learn Portuguese online and write your own story of success!
I’ve written some free e-books to help you learn Portuguese, as well as some articles on language learning. In order to help my Brazilian friends to learn English, I also started a Web site for Brazilians.

If you have any question about Brazil, or are interested in learning Portuguese, please drop me a line. After all...

Communicating is all about making connections, isn't it? ;o)

A different language is a different vision of life.
~Federico Felini

Skype: charllesnunes
Phone: +55 24 9954 1608

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