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When was born - in Jan 2006 - I was working as a translator. Though it was a nice job, after finishing my 9-5 journey I still had to work in the evenings, as an English teacher - just to 'make the ends meet'.

After coming home and kissing my sleeping kids, I put on my e-helmet and kept building this Web site. As it was mainly written after midnight, it could be properly named 'Learn-Portuguese-with-the-Night-Owl'!

After a while, my body started showing signs of being overloaded (no details, please). As it became clear I couldn’t keep my day job, pursue my dream and be healthy at the same time...

I guess you know what I did! ;)

Nowadays, I devote my time and energy to teach FREE Portuguese online, English at home, and still have time to take part in my children's development. My whole family appreciated that great decision!

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The Rewards Keep Coming...

Lately, 4000+ visitors have seen more than 20,000 pages of! Besides, they have been so generous in sending me tips, suggestions, testimonies and even donations!

They assured us we are on the way to accomplish our mission:

Provide Free Resources for Portuguese Learners

In the meantime...

...I still have 7 mouths to feed – including our puppy dog!

That’s why your support is welcome. It allows me to devote more and more time to improve this work.

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Our Puppy Words...

When Bolinha heard we would put her picture on the Web, she got excited to say a few words... Click on the image, and you can hear them.

Translation of her bark:

'Thank you very much!'

(I forgot mentioning... ‘Bolinha’ is also a ventriloquist!;)

Wondering why I'm sending the PASSWORD before receiving the donation?

“Do what you love, the money will follow!”

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