The Teachers Manifesto
You Can Make a Difference

  If you are a Portuguese
  learner, you will be glad
  to know that I wrote
  The Teachers Manifesto
  for one of my students.

  It is easier to prepare your
  classes when you have
  a specific student in mind.

I hope you may use it to improve your teaching practices, or even as an exercise to your language students. ;o)

Sidebar - Feb 28, 2009. - Today I am feeling like most teachers before starting a brand new class.

This time, it is going to be a ‘one-to-one’ Portuguese language course. We are planning to dedicate 100 hours to this project.

The student is excited. I am confident on his progress – though a little anxious as you’ve probably known. ;o)

While preparing the class (at 5 am), I felt it would be nice to make a draft of something like a teacher's resolution on how to behave during this course. And it is called... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The Teacher’s Manifesto

  1. I will be a student-centered teacher.

  2. I will be an open-minded professional.

  3. I will be teachable.

  4. I will deal carefully with students’ matters, keeping confidential whatever needs to be.

  5. I will be someone to whom students may come and share their fears and doubts.

  6. I will remember my own experiences as a language learner.

  7. I will be accurate in keeping registers.

  8. I will be punctual.

  9. I will do whatever I promise the student or my coordinator.

  10. I will be enthusiastic and celebrate each student’s progress.

I believe that by doing so, I will become a better teacher, and the student will correspond.

So help me God.

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