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March 29, 2009

" A cheerful friend is like a sunny day spreading brightness all around."

-- John Lubcock ( English Astronomer )

In this issue:

1. GREAT Stories from Portuguese Learners
2. Brazil Trivia - Learn Portuguese and Have Fun!


1. GREAT Stories from Portuguese Learners

When I asked our subscribers to send in their stories, I couldn’t even imagine how positively they would react. Up to now, five visitors have sent in their stories:

  1. Maggie, from Philippines – She learned Portuguese in five months:

  2. Erika Power, from the USA – She learned Portuguese while serving as a Volunteer:

  3. Kyrié, from the USA – She chose to learn Portuguese after trying other languages:

  4. Ashish Sharma, from India – He decided to learn Portuguese after helping a Brazilian girl:

The fifth story was sent by Nelson Pinzon Rojas, from Bolivia, who visited Brazil to meet his granddaughter. He wrote in Spanish, and the story will soon be online.

All of them received their copy of Learn Portuguese at Home. If you want to be the next to receive this ebook for FREE (it has been sold by $10 online), just send us your story – there are still 5 spots left! (Maggie received also the Sara Bentes’ Songbook, as she was the first one to write back.)

Some readers have told me the stories are really inspiring. For me, it has been a great opportunity to make new friends!

If you are ready to send in your own story, here is the link:


2. 2. Brazil Trivia - Learn Portuguese and Have Fun!

Everyone loves quizzes and puzzles, don’t YOU?

Brazil Trivia is the newest section at our Web site. It is all about Brazilian Culture, People and general information about Brazil.

We’ve just started with a Quiz on Brazilian Singers. I hope you enjoy it, and get inspired to prepare your own Trivia to be published on our Website.

When we have quizzes enough, I’m going to collect all of them in an e-book and give back to all who participated.

Pick up any subject of your interest – related to Brazil, and send us 10-12 questions with 3 answers for each. You may send us your picture and – if you have a Web site – we may link to it.

Here is the link:

Let’s repeat what we did last time?

The 10 first people who send their trivia will receive a copy of Learn Portuguese at Home. The first one will ALSO receive Sara Bentes Songbook in PDF with 10 songs in MP3!

PS: Don’t worry. If one of the five participants who sent their story get in the first places, they will receive extra prizes, and the remaining ones will also receive theirs!;o)

"Why is it trivia? People call it trivia because they know nothing and they are embarrassed about it." ~ Robbie Coltrane

I will be waiting for you there:

Wishing you all the best,

Charlles Nunes
Angra dos Reis, RJ - Brazil
Phone: +55 24 9906 7528

PS: For tips and info on Brazilian Portuguese, follow me on ;o )


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If someone has passed this on to you, you can get your own free subscription by signing up at

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