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October 29, 2009

"Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life."
-- Berthold Auerbach

This issue is all about... Brazilian Music!

1. Brazilian Song of the Week – FREE Download
2. Brazilian Songs – 50 new videos!


1. Brazilian Song of the Week – FREE Download

From this week on, you will find a new Brazilian Song for free download on our Homepage every Friday! First, listen to the song online. Then, right click on the MP3 link, ‘save target as’ and choose a folder to start your collection.

I suggest you to create a folder and name it ‘Brazilian Songs’. In a matter of weeks, you will have a collection of songs to help you improve your listening skills and pronunciation!

According to researches, as long as you know the vocabulary of 30 Brazilian songs, you will have covered the basics of Portuguese. Let's do the Maths: in just one year, you can download more than 50 songs!

Our first song is ‘Aquarela do Brasil’. To check it right now, click on the link below

Learn Portuguese Now - Homepage

Or copy and paste the following URL to your browser:


2. Brazilian Songs – 50 new videos

We have chosen 50 Brazilian songs to start this collection. On each page, you are going to find a Google box with the words ‘Selecione o idioma’, which means ‘Choose the language’. By clicking on one of the languages, you can read the lyrics in English or Spanish.

Anyway, by watching these videos you will learn Portuguese with the Brazilian swing! :-)

Our goal is to have 100 songs online soon. If you have any suggestion before we move forward, please share it with us through our Contact Form or using Skype.

Here is the link to your Brazilian Songs

Or copy and paste the following URL to your browser:


I hope you may improve your Portuguese and enjoy these Brazilian songs at the same time! ;o)

Your Friend in Brazil,

Charlles Nunes

PS: If you want to have Portuguese classes online, or just say 'hello', please Skype me: charllesnunes


If you know another language learner who would appreciate receiving Brazilian Life Insights, please forward this issue.

If someone has passed this on to you, you can get your own free subscription by signing up at

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