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December 18, 2009

"The average pencil is seven inches long, with just a half-inch eraser - in case you thought optimism was dead.""
-- Robert Brault

The New Year is getting closer... And the best is yet to come! :-)

1. Two Good News at Once: a New Book and a New Program for 2010
2. Brazilian Song of the Week – Toquinho sings 'O Caderno'!


Two Good News at Once: a New Book and a New Program for 2010

I am so glat to annouce that I've finally finished writing my new book (Heróis Anônimos (Anonymous Heores)

There are 15 short stories about those people who serve us on a daily basis, but whom we usually don't notice. (I hope you do! :-)

The bricklayer, the housewife, the bus driver... They are all there!

As soon as my 'cover guy' finishes creating the cover, you will get access to the book.

There will be a PDF and a print version. There will be a Portuguese and an English version. There will be 10 exercises for each story. There will be a version in MP3.

Wow! Things are getting better around here... ;-)

The second great news is even better: I've been preparing for some time now what I call 'The Language Accelerator Program'.

My goal is to help YOU accelerate you learning of Portuguese in 12 weeks (from January to March). The first week is dedicated to create a network among the participants, getting to know one another and a basic training on using Skype features.

From the 2nd to the 11th week, you are going to receive an e-mail every Friday with 7 activities to be performed (listen to a song, do a lesson, read a story...) and we will have a group chat through Skype.

Please keep an eye on our next Newsletter for more details. ;-)

I am so excited to do it now, cause I finally have the resources at hand. (Just between you and me, I've just got Internet access at home last October! ;-)

Well, let me repeat something here:



2. Brazilian Song of the Week – Toquinho again! This time, singing his hit 'O Caderno'

One of our subscribers told me she loves Toquinho songs. Then, as I have some of his masterpieces on my computer, I though about using it this week.

I still remember when my sister sang it in front of an audience (she was 8, now she is 30) with my brother playing the guitar.

I hope the lyrics will inspire you, and that you enjoy listening to it time after time.

After listening to the song, right-click on the MP3 link, ‘save target as’ and let me know how many times you've listened to the song non-stop! ;-)

Click on the link:

Brazilian Song of the Week

Or copy and paste the following URL to your browser:

Note: In case you missed our song last week, you can still listen and watch it here:

Or download it directly to your computer:


See you before Christmas!

Your Brazilian Friend online,

Charlles Nunes

PS: You can talk to me face to face through Skype. Look for 'charllesnunes' and let me know you are around! ;-)


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