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April 19, 2010 is on sale. Would you like to start a business online?


This is a different issue of Brazilian Life Insights.

Last January, I started a new project, aiming to select the best sections of, organize them at and get them translated into several languages as a way of providing more FREE language learning resouces online.

Some volunteers started working along with me on the project, but some personal issues kept me out of the job for a while.

Knowing that I will now be able to run this business properly, I would like to sell to someone who has been in the language related field.

If you want to get a business online, please contact me by e-mail (charllesnunes at - or Skype: charllesnunes). I can help you with some guidelines.

Please keep in mind that the new content for the Web site should be created by the new owner). I'm selling just the structure and the business model - that's why I'm going to sell it CHEAP.

Back to the normal format next issue.

Wishing you all the best,

Charlles Nunes


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