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April 30, 2011


We have just started a contest about love. It's a contest where EVERYONE wins!

All you have to do is to think about someone you love, create a phrase - IN PORTUGUESE - to this person and send it to us. (You can send us as many phrases as you want...)

We are going to collect 101 phrases, create an ebook and send it to all the participants. Besides, we are going to select a winner abroad and send him/her a printed book! The book title is: 101 Raz§es Porque Te Amo.

Please copy and paste the following URL to your browser, and join us!

I hope to see you inside! ;-)

Wishing you a lovely language journey,

Charlles Nunes - Your Brazilian friend online

PS: There are 11 chapters of 'Simplesmente Poliana' online. Here is the link...

(6 months without her - and our hope to meet her someday is increasing more and more!!! :-)

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