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November 25, 2011

I Love You Quotes - Share Your Feelings in the Name of Love

What about sharing a quote with the theme 'I love you', and let the world know about what goes on in your heart? Here is a contest in which you can share your feelings and still get a prize!

'I love you' are some of the most beautiful words that can be pronounced in any language. They try to represent a feeling that connects people in a very particular way, be they parents and children, dates, husband and wife and even friends!

Some time ago, I published my 'Declaration of Love' online. Now, we are starting a contest in which you can speak your heart out to the world about someone you love...

This is a contest in which everyone wins: the one who loves, the one who is loved, and all those who read the love phrases.

Have fun: Love is in the air!

How to Participate

You can start by writing down a list of some people you care about. Then, write your feelings of love and gratitude for each of them.

Here are some phrases I wrote for my wife, children and sister:

• "Te amo porque você sempre acredita em nós."

• "Amo você, porque você é uma amiga verdadeira em horas de necessidade."

• "Te amo por fazer da nossa casa sempre um lugar melhor."

• "Pra sempre vou te amar, além do tempo e do espaço."

• "Te amo por ser mais do que uma irmã maravilhosa. Você é uma amiga de verdade!"

*The contest is about phrases in Portuguese. If you feel more comfortable sending your phrases in English, don't worry: they will be translated.

Send us as many sentences you want. You will have a page on this site, and a cartoonist will make an exclusive cartoon for your page.

To read more, or to send us your phrase, please visit:
(Copy and past to your browser)


The first 10 people to send their phrases will receive each a copy of the eBook 'Simplesmente Poliana', in Portuguese.

Then, we are going to raffle 3 printed copies of the same book among the first 30 participants.

When the contest is over, each participant will receive a PDF eBook with all the phrases and drawings.

We are anxious to receive - and publish - your love words for whom you are stuck on, or for those you are deeply grateful. Go ahead...

Love is in the air!
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From your Brazilian Friend,

Charlles Nunes

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