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June 06, 2008
This issue brings you our newest Brazilian Portuguese gifts. Let me know how to improve them...

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Brazilian Life Insights
Learn Portuguese with a Brazilian Touch ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ June 06, 2008 Issue #2

Table of Contents

o New Videos with FREE PDF and MP3.

We are developing a series of 11 videos on Brazilian Portuguese Pronunciation. Up to now, only the first one is available online – in two versions. Please tell us the format you prefer, and the next 10 videos will come on your way!

Brazilian Portuguese Pronunciation

o New eBook: Learn a Language Anywhere

Our newest ebook will be completely available online for FREE, chapter by chapter, showing you how to use homemade solutions to learn a foreign language. In other words, here’s the first chapter…

Learn a Language Anywhere

o Articles

1) Read Portuguese in 30 Days without Spending a Dime

2) How to Make Your Own Declaration of Love

3) Infidelity: Is It Worthwhile?

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