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Brazilian Open Arms - Your Warm Embrace from, Issue #001
December 11, 2007
Dear Friend,

2008 is about to start. What will you do to improve your Portuguese?

Though I have been building since Jan 2005, this is the first issue of Brazilian Open Arms. Here you will find out why...

I really love helping and inspiring Portuguese learners around the world. Up to now, our site has received visitors from 100 countries on a regular basis. Those friends usually visit more than 6000 times per month!

Those results gave me such hope that on August 2006 I quit my daily job and dedicated 400 hours to improve the Web site. On May 2007 I stopped writing to help coordinate the Observer Program ( for the Pan American Games Rio 2007. That was a tremendous opportunity to learn and grow...

However, I haven’t been able to create more material to ever since. As Dec 27 is the deadline to renew the signature ($299 per year), I decided to create a One-to-one Portuguese Program before it is too late. Here is how it is going to work:

One-to-One Portuguese Program – Your Personal Teacher online

This is a tailor-made program aiming to help those who are serious about their language learning. By joining the Program you will have:
A Personal Teacher to answer your questions by email
Written translations and texts recorded by a native speaker
Articles and resources designed to meet your specific needs
Vocabulary and Grammar lessons prepared according to your requests

And how much does it cost? $29,99 per month!

By joining the One-to-One Portuguese Program you will receive the following e-books (with 348 flash cards included, plus 83 audio files):

Learn Portuguese at Home – Your Conversation Guide
15 lessons, 15 Audio Files

365 Common Portuguese Words
Each of them with 3 examples in Portuguese and English, 100 Flash Cards, 49 Audio Files

My Portuguese Phrasebook
275 Phrases and Expressions, 48 Basic Questions, 148 Flash Cards, 18 Audio Files

31 Thoughts in Portuguese
31 Thoughts to inspire your daily reflection, 31 Flash Cards, 1 Audio File

But please, hurry up. As the One-to-One Portuguese Program is personalized, it will be open only to the first 30 people who subscribe.

In order to participate, please click on the ‘Donation’ button on our Homepage and pay $29,99 through the way of payment at your convenience. Then, you will receive a personalized email from me giving you the details about the e-books and audio files.

Besides receiving the 4 e-books mentioned, you will be able to participate in our One-to-One Portuguese Program until January 31st 2008.

Wrapping up...

If you are not going to participate in the One-to-One Program, but still want to purchase one of our ebooks, you can choose it and buy it at Then, fill in the Contact Form with the title of the e-book you have chosen.

In case you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate in contacting me through the same Contact Form.

Thanks a lot for your time. I wish you a great 2008.

Looking forward to hearing from you...

Charlles Nunes

Today is my wife's birthday! She is also receiving some embraces... :-)

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