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February 11, 2008
Brazilian Open Arms #002 - Your opportunity to learn Portuguese in just 7 weeks!

This is just the second issue of Brazilian Open Arms in a very long time. The reason for such delay is that I have been trying to develop a useful Web site – not noticing however how important it was (IT IS!) to meet my visitor’s needs!

Indeed, I’ve been running since 2005 without a connection. That means I have to prepare the material (Word, PDF, HTML, MP3, WMM) and go to a Lan house to upload it.

In the process, I confess, many times I lost the track.

Last week I finally realized that my focus needs to be – and it WILL BE – my visitors’ requests.

That’s why I’m offering you this ‘Learn Portuguese in 7 Weeks’ Program in a special condition: you can try the first TWO WEEKS FOR FREE!

(If you decide to join us you will have my personal feedback from Monday to Saturday in a one-to-one basis during the next 49 days.)

Besides, you will receive a Brazilian’s email address to correspond as a Pen Pal. This pen pal is interested in learning English, from the basic to advanced level.

Every Monday you are going to receive the lessons of the week with all the comments/answers provided to the participants on the previous week.

Please visit the following Page and see it meets your needs:

Learn Portuguese in 7 Weeks

I hope you join us. The world still may be as one.

All the best,

Charlles Nunes
Your opportunity is here

PS. Any comments or suggestions are welcome.

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