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Brazilians Want to Know You!
May 16, 2020

Thank you very much for opening this e-mail.

Want to go straight to the Language Exchange Program? Click here: Language Exchange - What is it all about?

It is 8:00PM here in Brazil, May 16, 2020 - and I am SO HAPPY with what we've seen and felt this week.

This simple message may change your next week, and the way you practice your Portuguese from now on...

Since 2006, when I created, I've been trying to connect Brazilians and Portuguese Learners worldwide.

I tried it for 3 times. No success.

In the best scenario, we had 1100 people interested in talk through Skype. But we coudn't find one another online. So, the project couldn't last longer.

This week, I invited some Brazilians to practice English for free.

It was a success. More than 100 people joined this first week.

So, from Monday through Friday, we met at 8pm (GMT -3) and practice speaking English at a Zoom meeting room.

Then, last Thursday I sent an e-mail to the Portuguese learners, inviting you (and them) to meet on Friday at 1PM (GMT -3).

Guess what? People from 13 countries showed up. One friend from New Zealand said he would wake up at 4AM simply to interact with us!

We talked for an hour and a half - we met learners who have more than 7 decades of life experience to share - and we started a friendship...

Or a movement. It is up to us. ;-)

At the and, a young lady said: "What an opportunidy! I always wanted to practice with a Brazilian native speaker!!"

(Well, though I don't remember all the words, I remember how WE felt...)

Now, we have two WhatsApp groups, and some teachers have become volunteers to help Brazilians improve their English.

It IS a language exchange. It brings some peace and understanding to this wonderful and confused world. And we can make it happen together.

I just wanted to thank you for helping me make this dream come true.


Do you want to join us? Click, come and see:

Yes, I do!

See you on Monday at 1PM (GMT - 3) to practice your Portuguese and make new friends. Or, if you want to see Brazilians practicing their English too, 8PM is the time.

Grande abraço,

Charlles Nunes
PS: Could you please help us to spread the word, after you join us?
Yes, count on me!

PS2: If you have a Brazilian friend who wants to learn English, please share this link:!(0800 = FREE in Brazil.) =D

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