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October 13, 2015

Yesterday was quite exciting...

I announced a FREE Session for Portuguese learners. There were just 15 spots, but LOTS of people applied to it...

I am SO grateful for all of you whom I had the privilege to talk to... You taught me a lot and helped me see that this work is making a difference! =)

My first mistake: I was not clear about the free session. Though I described the benefits of it, I mixed the session itself with our 90-Day Program!

I apologize.

Let me make things clear: has been providing FREE Portuguese Resources since 2006, there are more than 600 pages available, and it will CONTINUE to be free.

What is happening though is that I want to take it to the next level; instead of a hobby, I am turning it into my main business (I also run a language school in Angra, Rio, Brazil).

So, I will conduct personally 15 people through 90 days to improve their language skills on a daily basis. (On my next e-mail you will know more about that.)

The FREE Session is simply to help you plan your studies. It is not a program, a course, or a group.

My second mistake: I tried to respond (with my assistant’s help – Martha) as many messages as possible, so I was on the phone the whole afternoon and evening (up to midnight) and I could not send the e-mails I promised to so many people.


So, today I am sending this email to give you a simple plan called 'Portuguese First Steps'. Please click on the link below, an then follow the 4 steps on the page:

click here.

You can also copy and paste to your browser:

Thank you very much for your support and comprehension!

Até amanhã!

Charlles PS: Tomorrow, I will give you specific details about our 90-Day Program. Also, I am recording new free videos to take your learning experience to the next level. =)

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