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September 18, 2015

My sister had a wonderful idea.

She invited a dozen young men and women to pick up a relative and create a blog about them.

The idea is bringing generations together. Stories have been shared, and all involved are learning a lot.

Her son chose one of our aunts and started publishing her story online.

So... I had an idea!

Could you please visit the page and add your comments, saying where you are from?

When they see people from different countries, they will get confused, not knowing how you found the page!!!

And obviously, you are going to practice your Portuguese with the story, which is simple and beautiful.

Here is the page:

Or, you can click here.

Thank you VERY much... Let's have fun!

Charlles Nunes

PS: You can write in any language. ;-)

PS2: I am recording videos with the Portuguese phrases. Soon, they will be available. Also, I am creating a 90-Day Portuguese course... Keep an eye on the next e-mails! ;-)

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