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August 18, 2017

Hello, how are you? Charlles Nunes here,

It's Friday, and I would like to remind you that on Monday we are starting our Portuguese Week 2017, an online event in which you can watch a series of videos and Portuguese classes, including files in PDF and MP3 for FREE download.

If you haven't enrolled yet to participate, click in the link below to enroll right now - it doesn't take a minute - and make sure you won't miss the classes.

CLICK HERE to enroll in the Portuguese Week!.

I hope you enjoy these videos and improve your Portuguese ASAP.

Thank you for participating and see you on Monday!

Portuguese Week 2017 - Click to Participate.

Charlles Nunes
PS: After you enroll in the Portuguese Week, I'll include your email in my VIP List, and delete it from this list.


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