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August 16, 2017

Happy Wednesday!

This week I've been preparing the Portuguese Week and creating a VIP list with those who want to move forward with me.

As soon as you join the VIP List, I'll put a VIP label beside your email and deleted the old one.

Become part of the VIP List by clicking here.

Here's why I'm doing it...

My wife and I have a language school here in Angra dos Reis - RJ and I've been helping people learn a second language since 1993.

I simply LOVE what I do.

As time wente by, thousands of people joined our list online, and I obviously can't talk to THOUSANDS of people on a personal basis. So...

I'm creating a VIP list to improve my relationship with those who OPEN MY EMAILS and TAKE ACTION.

Are YOU one of them?


These next weeks, I am going to work a lot to help you learn how to focus your efforts to improve your Portuguese - for FREE.

Then, I'm going to launch my paid course - 'One Minute Portuguese', to those who want to get into this inner circle.

My goal is to move along with both groups - paid AND free - and NOT TO LEAVE ANYONE BEHIND. I'm REALLY tired of seen those marketing tatics online where someone holds the ladder for a while and when everyone is climbing they simply depart with the money bag of the 'chosen ones'! ;-)

Let's make it happen.

Charlles Nunes
PS: Becoming part of my FREE VIP List, you will have more access to me.;-)


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